Food, Fitness & Pharma

UNIK - Food, Fitness & Pharma is an interdisciplinary research initiative at University of Copenhagen, which aims to understand, prevent and treat lifestyle diseases like obesity and type 2-diabetes. 

The initiative ran from 2009 to 2014, and ended in September 2014. At the end of the funding period the UNIK initiatives was evaluated by the Scientific Expert Panel and their concluding remarks is presented in the concluding evaluation report. Successful elements of the UNIK Food, Fitness & Pharma were embedded in the strategic platform for lifestyle, obesity and metabolic research (UCPH LOM).


Through the research the aim of Food, Fitness & Pharma was to identify and understand the interrelated environmental, genetic and epigenetic causes of obesity, diabetes and associated lifestyle diseases. This aim was pursued through cross-disciplinary research bringing together world class scientific competences within the below themes.
















































About Food, Fitness & Pharma

The UNIK initiative was supported by a DKK 120 million (16 mio Euro) grant from the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and InnovationThe collaboration between research groups from 17 different departments at 7 faculties was made possible by this unique form of granting, paving the way for a novel synergistic research approach. 


















































































Thue Schwartz

Scientific Leader
Thue W Schwartz